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The Nature and Unity of the Church of Christ

by J.N. Darby

bernardo dmello said ...
Saturday, Aug 24, 2019 : 15:57
bernardo dmello said ...
Saturday, Aug 24, 2019 : 15:58
Timothy Stunt said ...

In JND's Collected Writings vol 1 we are told that this tract was originally published in Dublin in 1828. The last pages of the text in the Collected Writings are completely different from the version that appeared (presumably with JND's approval) in the Christian Witness i (1834) pp.14-31,  six years after the original. The edition reproduced here, from Google Books, was printed in Plymouth and appears to be held in the Library of the University of Lausanne (bound with a Swiss edition [1872] of a work by C.H. Mackintosh). There are several respects in which this text differs from that in the Christian Witness and the differences suggest that it is earlier. For example it says that 'we are in the course of Revolution' (p.12) where the version in the Christian Witness says 'we are in the closing scene of Revolution' (p.27). With three different versions available it is an open question whether the text here is exactly as JND originally wrote it. It would be good to know if anyone has access to an early Dublin edition.  Timothy Stunt

Sunday, Aug 25, 2019 : 02:49
Marty said ...
Is this the 1828 version?
Sunday, Aug 25, 2019 : 09:14
Timothy Stunt said ...

I very much doubt it. The STEM publishing text is taken from William Kelly’s edition of The Collected Writings of J.N. Darby  vol i (Kingston-on-Thames: Stowe Hill B & T D, [1866?]) pp 20-35. The last two pages of this version (beginning at ‘We may well believe what this advocacy is… on p.33) appears to me to be a more general and timeless conclusion which avoids reference to the very uncertain days from 1828-34 when religious and political revolution were hanging over Great Britain — circumstances which are mentioned in the undated Google digitized version and in the Christian Witness  (1834) version. Similarly I suspect that these two versions are earlier than the text in the Kelly edition, because they include the footnotes on page 3 which refer to disputes in the Bible Society and the réveil  [awakening] on the Continent which were current items of discussion in the late 1820s and early 30s but would have been meaningless to later readers.  Timothy Stunt

Monday, Aug 26, 2019 : 03:52

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