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John Synge

Born: Unknown
Died: Unknown

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Timothy Stunt said ...
My paper on "John Synge and the Early Brethren" (on your external link) was written about 40 years ago... I have revised it in places in the more recent version which is in "The Elusive Quest of the Spiritual Malcontent: Some Early Nineteenth Century Ecclesiastical Mavericks" (Eugene, Oregon, 2015). Forgive my beating my own drum, but new discoveries required the text to be corrected/expanded in places. Timothy Stunt.
Wednesday, Sep 21, 2016 : 00:29
Tom said ...
Thanks Timothy .. you are always welcome to publicize your work on here! I haven't got that book myself yet, but must try to soon.
Wednesday, Sep 21, 2016 : 13:38

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