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A True Story of Lucknow:

by Mary Tucker

Timothy said ...
We should perhaps note that the author (Mary Tucker) is given as 'An English Lady in India'. This should not be confused with the name take by the author's aunt (Charlotte Maria Tucker, see Samuel's comment on 16 November) whose pen name was 'A.L.O.E.' which stood for 'A Lady of England'. Samuel wondered whether the Tuckers had any 'encounters' with Brethren... Agnes Giberne's 'Life and Letters of Charlotte Tucker' can be accessed on line but I can find nothing in it to suggest that she was related to the John Tucker who was the CMS secretary in Madras whom Norris Groves described as 'a sincere and holy man, though strong in his prejudices as I think them' and with whom Groves 'spent a holy parting moment' in prayer before returning to England in 1834. Timothy Stunt
Saturday, Nov 18, 2017 : 16:56

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