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Grasping The Promises

by Mary Tucker

Tom said ...
Anyone know the author? clearly a lady ... also wrote this,;view=1up;seq=5
Tuesday, Nov 14, 2017 : 18:30
Timothy Stunt said ...
The author of "A true story of Lucknow" is said to have been a daughter of Henry Carre Tucker who was the Commissioner for Benares during the Indian Mutiny (1857). Her 'labours [as a visitor] in the Benares hospital during a considerable period of the mutiny' were said to have been 'singularly laborious.' ('Church Missionary Gleaner' ix [July 1859] 74) Unfortunately H C Tucker had several daughters of whom the earlier ones were Mary (b.1837); Jane (b. 1839) and Sibella Frances (b.1841). I find it hard to imagine a 'respectable' English girl of less than 18 years doing hospital visitation. In all probability therefore the author was Mary (or possibly) Jane Tucker.
Timothy Stunt
Tuesday, Nov 14, 2017 : 22:36
Samuel said ...
Interesting that this author was the niece of A.L.O.E (Charlotte Maria Tucker) --who went out as a missionary to India in her 50's and laboured there till her death and whose many books for children turn up often in Chapter Two's catalogue. Robert Tudor Tucker was killed in the Indian Mutiny, having refused to leave his post, and died most courageously. His sister Charlotte wrote a memoir published by SPCK, which I have not been able to trace. Both Robert and Henry Tucker were very industrious and self-sacrificing in support of Christian mission work amongst Hindus and Mohammedans in India. I wonder had they any encounters with "Brethren".
Thursday, Nov 16, 2017 : 02:53
Tom said ...
Thank you both, I'll assume it's Mary for now.
Friday, Nov 17, 2017 : 19:49

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