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Marty said ...
Gravestone of Samuel John Deck. Also of John Feild Deck (son of James George Deck and Alicia Feild) and Emily Baring (Young), eldest daughter of Henry & Catherine Young.
Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019 : 07:55
David said ...
Is the above paper the one that Samuel Deck later recalled? See Mr Darby's letter to him from Canada dated 1873. (Letters vol 2, pp 223-225)
Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019 : 19:58
Rodger said ...
I think Mr. Lineham's essay sheds some light on it:
Wednesday, Oct 16, 2019 : 06:09
David said ...
It would appear from Mr Lineham's essay that this paper by Samuel Deck of 1871 is indeed the one Mr Darby is referring to in his letter to SD of 1873 , although Mr Lineham was not aware of a copy of it at his time of writing.
Saturday, Oct 19, 2019 : 01:44
Tom said ...
It's a shame really as I thought it was a good paper. Somewhat devalued though if the author withdraws it.
Saturday, Oct 19, 2019 : 05:33

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