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The Year 1965 Jul-Aug

Things Concerning Himself

Volume: 28

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Rodger said ...

This was edited by Charles L. Nunnerley, son of HF Nunnerley. See here for some history:

I have 15 or so issues (and hoping to collect them all eventually). A very interesting little magazine.

It was republished in the 90s by some "open brethren."

Thursday, Feb 15, 2024 : 02:59
Martin Arhelger said ...

I have scans of 62 issues.

I am missing the numbers 1 to 14, 16, 17, 20, 22, 29, 51, and 82.
Also missing 84 and up (if such ever existed).

Would also like to complete the missing ones:


Thursday, Feb 15, 2024 : 14:36

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