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Loizeaux Brothers

Begun by Paul and Timothy Loizeaux in 1886(?). First called Bible Truth Depot. First 84 years in New York (see L.o.I. article in comments) before moving to Neptune, New Jersey.

Tom said ...

Need a scan of "A century of Christian publishing: Loizeaux Brothers, 1876-1976", not even sure if I have a copy. Another book I have (but not scanned) is "The Loizeaux Saga: Outlines of Our Family's History & Sketches For My Grandchild".

This article from L.O.I. 1964 shows the new depot after they moved to New Jersey from New York;

Thursday, Sep 6, 2018 : 22:10
Kim Black said ...
Hi have complete New Testament expository notes by Harry Ironside. 18 perfect volumes. The burgundy ones published 1979. Plus the 10 Old Testament volumes. All in pristine condition. I would love to sell them to someone who would treasure them. Can you help me?
Thank you, Kim
Tuesday, Jan 28, 2020 : 01:58
Khrishell said ...

Me Kim Me! but i live in St vincent.. as a missionary...


Monday, Apr 6, 2020 : 10:43
Patrick said ...
Hello Kim, do you still have the 10 Old Testament Volumes?Do they have the artfuk covers? I'm in ministry in Southern California and would opportunity to have them. Thank you!
Monday, May 18, 2020 : 02:01

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