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The Year 1849

Three Letters to the Author of 'A Retrospect of Events that have taken place amongst the Brethren'"

by S.P. Tregelles

Rodger said ...
Have you ever seen the Wigram pamphlet ("On Ministry in the Word") that Tregelles mentions here, Tom? Would be personally interested to read that sometime.
Monday, Feb 27, 2017 : 00:28
Tom said ...
Hi Rodger, No don't think so .. if anyone here has then would be good to get a copy?
Monday, Feb 27, 2017 : 20:31
Rodger said ...
I see it is in the CBA, attributed to anonymous.
Tuesday, Feb 28, 2017 : 07:10
Timothy Stunt said ...
I have a photocopy of Wigram's anonymous pamphlet on Ministry, which Max Weremchuk sent to me, nearly fifteen years ago, as a pdf. I don't know from where he got it and I don't know how to send it to this website so I shall send it to Tom as an e-mail attachment. Timothy Stunt
Tuesday, Mar 14, 2017 : 16:01
Rodger said ...
Thanks, Timothy. Very much appreciated.
Tuesday, Mar 14, 2017 : 22:14

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