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An attempted classification of the main series of Brethren Periodicals.

A vast number of periodicals were issued by all the different sections of the Brethren through their respective publishers. Classifying these is not an easy task as they can be grouped by section, editor, date, type (gospel, ministry), target audience (adult, children, young peoples, newly converted, etc.). Here I will just look at the most populat series, and those I have personal interest in collecting.

There is an ongoing project to make PDF scans of periodicals available online. These are hosted and viewable on a website; We still occasionally stumble accross a series we knew nothing about before, and also list here some series that are known of, but we have no volumes to scan yet!


Dave Crow said ...
***A wonderful site for Sound Doctrine!!
I also use the following:
***Bible Truth
***Could you comment and/or offer articles on the following:
**Canaan is a type of Heavenly Places, not Heaven itself, for we still have conflict with the enemies. How then can we be said to be Seated In the Heavenlies in Christ Jesus and Raised with Him??
**Thank You
Friday, Jul 3, 2015 : 21:16
Richard said ...
Hello Tom,

Thank you very much for activating my login, and for the material in the sections "periodicals" and "Pamphlets" where I found excellent articles, I hope that you can continue to accrue the material in these sections, it has been a pleasant surprise to read authors unknown to me Edward Henry Chater, GJ Stewart, etc.
Thursday, Apr 7, 2016 : 19:32
Brent said ...
I am looking for a 1916 edition of "Our Record" to find an entry about a company of Christians who began meeting in Windsor, Ontario. Any chance you might have something? It is the 100th Anniversary of the Windsor Gospel Hall, and there is a note taken from a 1916 entry in the "Our Record" magazine. I am trying to find the source to see if there is more info about the assembly for our anniversary booklet.
Monday, Sep 5, 2016 : 04:45
Tom said ...
Hi Brent, sorry I asked around but we don't have that volume at present.
Monday, Sep 12, 2016 : 13:26
Paul said ...
I am looking for the September 1952 issue of the Brethren Harvester magazine. Please, can anyone help?

The Brethren Archive of Manchester University does not have it.
Sunday, Oct 16, 2016 : 00:59
Dr. Ken Botton said ...
Regarding Letters of Interest Magazine, this was indeed the primary means of communication throughout the assemblies in the United States and, to some extent, Canada. I served as the last editor of Interest Magazine during the years 1995-96 before it was officially discontinued. The most complete archives of this valuable resource are kept in the library at Emmaus Bible College, Dubuque, IA. The librarian, John Rush may be contacted for further information. Dallas Theological Seminary also holds an extensive collection of past issues.
Wednesday, Feb 8, 2017 : 23:13
Doug Engle said ...
Paul, I have a number of the Harvester issues scanned but not earlier than the 1980's, sadly. I'll keep a look out, but I'm interested in any prior to what I have... whether scanned or originals...
Wednesday, Mar 15, 2017 : 05:15
Dan said ...
Do you know of any existing copies of "The Christian Worker." I am seeking the biography of John Gill, published in the March or April 1921 issue. Any leads would be appreciated.

Dan Shutt
Michigan, USA
Tuesday, Oct 3, 2017 : 16:46
Dan said ...
Per my previous, I have not located it in WorldCat...

Dan Shutt
Tuesday, Oct 3, 2017 : 17:02
Samuel said ...
Hi Dan,
The Christian Worker was published by John Ritchie (Kilmarnock). It is possible they may yet have some volumes. Efforts were made some years ago to gather up an archive of earlier published material. One could also check the website of the Christian Brethren Archive in The Rylands Library, Manchester University.
Thursday, Dec 7, 2017 : 16:19
Samuel said ...
Does any digital source exist for Mutual Comfort?
Thursday, Dec 7, 2017 : 16:21
Tom said ...
I suspect we have some scanned; maybe Stephen might answer? If not we should do them; I have a few and they are not hard to come by.
Thursday, Dec 7, 2017 : 21:58
Martin Arhelger said ...
I have a complete scan of all 17 volumes of "Mutual Comfort" (1908-1924). There are some good articles in it but I would refrain from generally making these books available on the internet because "Mutual Comfort" also contains fundamental evil doctrines
Two examples:
- volume 5 (1912), pages 122-123 (by F. E. Raven)
- volume 13 (1920), page 199 (by P. R. Morford, the editor)
Also see:
Martin Arhelger
Friday, Dec 8, 2017 : 20:52
Lance said ...
'Words of Truth' etc Vol.10 no.12 new series is dated Dec 1942 and is indeed edited by F S Marsh from Northampton
Saturday, Dec 9, 2017 : 17:40
Lucy S. R. Austen said ...
Dear Sir or Ma'am:

I am an author under contract with Crossway Publishing to write a biography of Elisabeth Elliot (née Howard), who went to Ecuador in 1952 under the commendation of an assembly in New Jersey. (You can learn more about me at my website, I'm looking for an article from The Gospel Message, Vol. 110 No. 1, which ran on pages 4, 7, 12, and 16. Unfortunately I don't have a title. I wondered whether you could help me locate a copy.

Thank you very much for your time,
Lucy S. R. Austen
Wednesday, Sep 12, 2018 : 07:54
Tom said ...
Hi Lucy, I'm sorry I've not heard of that one .. I would imagine the best place to try would be the library of Emmaus Bible College.
Thursday, Sep 13, 2018 : 16:59
Nelson said ...
Thanks for your effort. Very useful site for those who love the assemblies.
Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019 : 02:56
thomas said ...
Dear Brother in Christ,

Who knows the newspaper "Echoes Missionary Magazine" edited by Open Brethren ?
I have learned that there is information about the beginning of Brethren Assemblies in France. I am researching the beginnings of the first assembly of brothers in Paris, rue Saint Honoré (around 1826), an assembly not to be confused with the current "darbyste gathering" in the Faubourg Saint Honoré.
Thank for your answer,

Tuesday, Oct 22, 2019 : 09:18
Tom said ...

Hi Thomas, I don't know if you have any idea of the dates of the magazine where this information is present? Many of them have been digitised and available on the CBA website.

I have been to the meeting at Faubourg Saint Honoré and it is within a gated modern development, definitely very different than how it might have been in the first half of the 19th Century!

Tuesday, Oct 22, 2019 : 17:43
Paul S said ...
Great site. I was given only yesterday two bound copies of the 'The Believer's Magazine' years 1931-33 & 1936-38. I see you have them already on site. What a tremendous wealth of biblical golden nuggets.
Wednesday, Oct 23, 2019 : 22:57
Dan said ...
Tim Grass, in his book "Gathering to His Name" cites a publication (I assume its a magazine??) called "Witnessing in Many Lands." (1904). Has anyone seen this, and where might it be located?

Friday, Nov 15, 2019 : 13:58
Tom said ...
I think "Witnessing in Many Lands" may just have been a section within the monthly Witness magazine. I might be wrong though.
Friday, Nov 15, 2019 : 18:32
Dan said ...
I thought it might be a separate magazine, because he lists it by abbreviation, referring to a magazine/ journal list in the beginning of the book. Hmmm...

Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019 : 11:56
Tommy said ...
Hi Brother.
I'm looking for the following issues of Precious seed:
Vol 27 no 3 May - June 1976
Vol 27 no 5 Sept - Oct 1976
Vol 27 no 6 Nov - Dec 1976
The article are Four Brides of Scripture by JH Hughes. I would greatly appreciate your help in either the volumes or articles.
Greetings, Tommy.
Tuesday, Apr 7, 2020 : 16:49
Rodger said ...
Does anyone have a scan of The Witness for June 1962?
Tuesday, Sep 15, 2020 : 01:52
Greg said ...
Hi Tom

I wonder if it would be more suitable to put Words of Help in the Lowe section - at least until about 1928? The first three volumes contain serial articles by W J Lowe.

There was also an additional editor: EH Chamberlain.

In the last issue for 1973 it states: "EH Chamberlain of 5 New Road, Rye, Sussex, will become the editor from 1 Jan 1973". During the course of 1973 his address changed to: 37 Teg Down Meads, Winchester, Hants, SO22 5NF. He continued as editor until the magazine was merged with Scripture Truth in 1978.

As these dates are within some of our lifetimes, can anyone provide some details about EH Chamberlain?

Wednesday, Nov 4, 2020 : 18:12
Marty said ...

The 1st Editor of "Words of Help" was Ernest Pettman.
Edmund Harold Chamberlain - 28th February 1908 ~ 1st March 1982.  
Grace Ellen Chamberlain (Barnard)

Thursday, Nov 5, 2020 : 01:00
Tom said ...
Ok, I've moved Words of Help.
Thursday, Nov 5, 2020 : 17:23
Syd said ...

Hallo Dave Crow. Just saw this, and it appears your enquiry about Canaan and the heavenlies was never replied to. I don't presume to know the best answer, but much has been written on this. Probably you've found satisfation.

Nevertheless, Harry Ironside for one dealt with this in his exposition on "The Heavenlies." JN Darby also, eg "Raised and seated together." Enjoy

Monday, Jan 17, 2022 : 02:46
Greg said ...
I was recently given a small volume published by Broom called Precious Truth. All the articles are anonymous, so I thought I'd search for a few text strings from its contents to try to identify the author(s). To my surprise I found a Google Books scan of an old volume from 1836 called Precious Truth for the Poor and Simple. It basically matches the volume listed as that dated 1841 here--attributed to Clulow and Soltau.
The Google Books version is subscribed with "M Talbot, Printer, Ennis". A follow-up search gave his address as Jail Street, Ennis. I was pretty excited to discover that this is now O'Connell Street -- the current address of the Old Ground Hotel where I once stayed while on business in Shannon.
Smithwick in Ennis was listed in the second edition of The Christian Witness vol.1 (1837).
County Clare, of which Ennis is the County Town, must have been a significant locale at the outset of the "brethren" movement.
Thursday, Nov 17, 2022 : 18:46
Timothy Stunt said ...

Greg's suggestion that County Clare 'must have been a significant locale at the outset of the "brethren" movement' is confirmed by the threatening letter received by JND in February 1829 telling him to keep his "Bible business" out of Corofin where he was apparently working with Edward Synge. This connection is referred to in B W Newton's recollections [Wyatt MV Book viii. 22] where he remembered how concerned JND was when he learnt that Synge had been shot (but not fatally) on Ash Wednesday 1831. There is an informative (albeit hostile) account of Synge's evangelistic activity by Flan Enright, 'Edward Synge: the Dysert Proselytiser' in The Other Clare vi (March 1982) pp.8-11. In The Manchester Times (23 Dec 1843) Edward Synge was described as allied to 'that extreme Calvinistic party, seceders from the Church, known in Ireland as the "Darbyites"'.  There is further evidence of an early Brethren connection with County Clare in the involvement of Thomas Mahon of Ennis.

Friday, Nov 17, 2023 : 01:56

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