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The Year 1895

Things to Come: a Journal of Biblical literature, with special reference to prophetic truth and "that blessed hope"

Volume: 1-2

For personal use only and not re-publication. Thank-you!

Comments: said ...
About Bullinger. Don't you think that the teaching of Bullinger is dangerous ?
"Outside of ultradispensationalism, many other examples of Bullinger's unique views can be found. For example, Bullinger argued that the death of Jesus occurred on a Wednesday, not a Friday, after Pilate had condemned him at the previous midnight,[17] and that Jesus was crucified with four, not just two, criminals.[18] Bullinger argued for mortality of the soul, the cessation of the soul between death and resurrection.[19] While Bullinger did not express any views concerning the final state of the lost, many of his followers did hold to annihilationism." (in Wikipedia)

Thursday, Jun 14, 2018 : 18:31
Tom said ...
Yes fair point, thanks for the disclaimer. It can be difficult to know where to draw the line with making things available which you don't personally agree with. I have most these magazines, though don't think I've ever read them. It's useful having them on the site, as then the ocr appears in searches which might be handy with name connections etc. But yes I would recommend reading with caution!
Friday, Jun 15, 2018 : 00:39

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