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The Year Sep/Oct 1957

Assembly Testimony Magazine

Volume: 31

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Samuel said ...
Some interesting editorial comments and personalia are evident in the original magazines, but omitted in the digitised version on the Assembly Testimony Website. It might be worth while to get pdf scans of all the early (pre 1960) issues.
Tuesday, Nov 12, 2019 : 00:11
Tom said ...
Yeah would be good - this is only pre 60s one I have - If any of our readers have back-issues of this, please get in touch.
Tuesday, Nov 12, 2019 : 18:47
Rodger said ...
There is an editorial comment retained in the digital version of Mr. Leckie's article in this issue:

I am told that he would not write for AT after this comment was made.

Was something like this fairly regular in AT, Samuel?

Thursday, Nov 14, 2019 : 12:27
Samuel said ...
Hi Rodger,
I had not known of that matter. Certainly Mr Leckie's exposition of the vessels to honour/dishonour wouldn't be universally accepted in N.I. The annotation makes that clear. I wouldn't have thought that would be sufficient to sever connection with the magazine. I would need to check up on it, but are you sure that this was the last contribution of Mr Leckie in Assembly Testimony?
Friday, Nov 15, 2019 : 00:24
Samuel said ...
Just had a look on Assembly Testimony website. If you check out the section "Booklets" you will see one on "Marriage and Divorce" This contains an article by Mr Leckie from numbered issues of the Magazine. Unfortunately the digital version on the website does not furnish the numbering of the issues, so the cross-reference is not possible to check. You would need the hard copies to do that. However, it states that this article of Mr Leckie's was adapted from a message delivered in July 1988, about four years later than the article containing the footnote which you have noticed.
Friday, Nov 15, 2019 : 00:31

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