Brethren Archive

Independent / Open Section - 20th Century

  • The Faith and The Flock
  • Fellowship; a monthly magazine for the edification of the children of God
    • Dates: ? to ?
    • Edited by: Russell Elliot
  • Threshed Wheat
  • Links of Help with other Lands
    • Dates: 1911 to 1925?
    • Edited by: T. Mortimore Sparks ?
    • Description: At least 15 volumes were published.
  • The Word of the Cross
    • Dates: ? to ?
    • Edited by: Hunter Beattie
    • Published by: Glasgow
    • Volumes: 19 (?) are available.
  • The Children's Bread
    • Dates: 1935 to 1965
    • Edited by: James Wiseman, Herbert Brooks
    • Published by: Elgin, Scotland
    • Volumes: 31 (1965) are available.
  • The Harvester
    • Dates: 1922 to 1995
    • Edited by:
    • Description:

      Apparently it was a "magazine launched especially to encourage Brethren outreach".
      The Witness merged with The Harvester in 1980. Ten years later the latter had a UK circulation of around 2,000 and was in severe financial difficulties which led to its demise in 1995.

    • Volumes: 64.1 (1985) , 64.4 (1985) are available.
  • Precious Seed
    • Dates: 1945 to Ongoing
    • Edited by:
    • Description:


      It is hard to believe that the work of Precious Seed Committee has been going for sixty years. In 1945 several meetings were held in Taunton, Devon, for prayerful consideration of the situation which then existed. For some time brethren had been concerned about the lack of teaching with regard to New Testament church principles. Out of this desire came the magazine Precious Seed which would seek to be ‘a magazine to encourage the study of the Scriptures, the practice of New Testament Church principles and to stimulate interest in Gospel work’. Those early brethren have now all been called home but the pattern has been followed by their successors. 

    • Volumes: 3.2 (1950) are available.
  • Assembly Testimony Magazine
    • Dates: 1952? to Ongoing
    • Edited by: William Bunting
    • Description:


    • Volumes: 31 (1957) are available.
  • Knowing the Scriptures
    • Dates: to
    • Edited by: W.W. Fereday
  • The Disciple
  • The Old Gospel

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