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The Word of the Cross

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Edited by:  Hunter Beattie

Published by\in: Glasgow

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Tom said ...

Don't know much about this or the author .. maybe they were published during the First World War.

Hunter Beattie seems to have been most well known for Beattie strongly advocating total conscientious objection,

Friday, Aug 17, 2018 : 15:37
Martin Arhelger said ...
Hunter Beattie lived from 1875 to 1951.
I have a copy of his "The Word of the Cross" No. 20; on page 128 there is a reference to a text in "The Witness" of Dec. 1946 which was replied in "The Word of the Cross" No. 17. So I would guess that No. 17 of "The Word of the Cross" was printed in 1947.
T. Grass says: "Bitter controversy over pacifism beset Open Brethren in Glasgow, where the evangelist Hunter Beattie became an ardent pacifist campaigner, issuing an occasional publication, The Word of the Cross, from October 1915, after local leaders had failed to give clear guidance to believers concerning the right course of action in time of war. After handing out copies of the first number at a conference, he claimed that he was threatened with arrest by leading men." (Gathering to His Name, p. 329)
Perhaps the magazine was issued irregularly.
Sunday, Aug 19, 2018 : 17:55
Neil Dickson said ...
For a full account of The Word of the Cross and Hunter Beattie, see: Neil Dickson, 'Hunter Beattie (1876–1951): A Conscientious Objector at the Margins', Scottish Church History 50.2 (2021): 145–163
DOI: 10.3366/sch.2021.0053.
Monday, Nov 29, 2021 : 19:33
Marty said ...
THE WORD OF THE CROSS. by Hunter Beattie.
# 1 - Gethsemane and the Tears of Jesus. 38p.
# 2 - Jesus—The Divider. 24p.
# 3 - Jesus—The Exemplar. 24p.
# 4 - The Christian and War. 38p.

# 19 - Jesus—The Beloved. 24p.
Friday, Apr 12, 2024 : 06:17

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