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Cha Heng Leong said ...
A fellow believer in assembly fellowship at Paramount Gospel Hall, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Saturday, Dec 22, 2018 : 09:48
Gabriele said ...

In January 1967, Arthur Maurice Salway Gooding (1915-1999), the cousin of the late Dr. David Willoughby Gooding (1925-2019) from Belfast, took over the editorship of the Assembly Testimony; see here:

Friday, Nov 8, 2019 : 07:04
victor nyasamo said ...
Greating in the name of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ

I used to read your magazine assembly magazine here in kenya,are they still available in soft copy i will appreciate if i can get copies online.

God bless your ministry

victor nyasamo
Monday, Jan 20, 2020 : 01:24
Rodger said ...
Hi Victor,

Assembly Testimony magazine is still being produced, in paper and digital form. You will find the current issues here, as well as the contact information:

I am sure that if you write to Mr. McKee, he can send you paper copies.
Monday, Jan 20, 2020 : 03:42
John Roberts said ...
I want to order paper copies of "Assembly Testimony" My address :- John Roberts, 10207 S. 1275 W. Losantville, IN 47354
Thursday, Jan 23, 2020 : 06:17
Rodger said ...
Hi John,

I brought this thread to Mr. McKee's attention, and he wrote back:
"If you email me with a request to receive X number of copies of Assembly Testimony Magazine, plus the name and full address to which they should be sent, we shall be pleased to facilitate."

Any who are interested can reach him at: secretary(at)

I hope that helps.
Saturday, Jan 25, 2020 : 02:32
Clifford said ...
Clifford Mwelwa from Zambia lusaka am requesting to receive assembly testimony magazine this will help me grow in the things God thank you.
Thursday, Jul 28, 2022 : 13:50
Stephen said ...

Clifford the magazines can be accessed at They have monthly issues from 1952-2020 and also book/booklets that they have published!

Thursday, Jul 28, 2022 : 15:45

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