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  • The Christian Witness: chiefly on subjects connected with the present state of the church.
    • Dates: 1834 to 1841
    • Edited by: Henry Borlase and after his death in 1835 by J.L. Harrris
    • Published by: J.B. Rowe
    • Volumes: 1 (1834) , 2 (1835) , 3 (1836) , 4 (1837) , 5 (1838) , 6 (1839) , 7 (1840) , 8 (1841) are available here .
  • The Inquirer
    • Dates: 1838 to 1840
    • Edited by: John Eliot Howard
    • Published by: Central Tract Depot
    • Description: "The Inquirer was primarily addressed to uncertain members of the Society of Friends encouraging them to leave the Quakers and to observe the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper in the manner of the Brethren." (Stunt)
    • Volumes: 1 (1838) , 2 (1839) , 3 (1840) are available.
  • Precious Truth
    • Dates: 1841 to 1841
    • Edited by: ?
    • Published by: Clulow and Soltau, Plymouth
    • Description: A one off volume; there was an exercise to revive it, which didn't seem to materialise, save one issue in larger format.
    • Volumes: 1 (1841) are available.
  • The Christian Annotator; or, Notes and Queries on Scriptural subjects
    • Dates: 1854 to 1857
    • Edited by: Mr. L. H. J. Tonna
    • Description:

      Not a Brethren periodical exactly but there were many contributions by William Kelly and Samuel P. Tregelles.

      "A medium of intercommunication between Christians on points of Biblical Criticism, Theological Science, Christian History, Biography, and Antiquarian research. This work is of the same size and general appearance as our old friend. Notes and (Queries, of which it is in fact an alter ego in a religioo domain. The first volume, in 374 pages,' contains twenty-eight numbers published in the course of 1854. The second volume, in 416 pages, contains thirty -one numbers published in the course of 1855. The third volume also comprises thirty-one numbers, extends to 518 pages, and appeared in 1856. A portion of vol. iv. is appended, containing the seven numbers which came out in 1857, and abruptly terminated the series in consequence of the unlooked-for decease of the excellent editor, Mr. L. H. J. Tonna." From:

      Scans are available, also William Kelly's contributions can be read on STEM Publishing website.

    • Volumes: 1 (1854) , 2 (1855) , 3 (1856) , 4 (1857) are available here .
  • The Christian Brethren's Journal and Investigator
    • Dates: 1840s? to 1840s?
    • Edited by: William Trotter
    • Published by: W. Strange
    • Description: Henry Pickering in "Chief Men Among the Brethren" writes of Trotter; "He also edited for a few years a little paper, "The Christian Brethren's Journal and Investigator" giving an account of the activities of the "little companies of earnest people who began to meet in the early part of the nineteenth century .... the inception of the movement arising from a new illumination of the Personality of Jesus Christ, and of the essential unity of all who believe in Him"."
      "The Bible Monthly" 16 (1936), page 13 etc. has an extract dated February, 1843. It is there found in an article entitled 'The Present Aspect of the Religious World,' which is signed by W. Trotter, the Editor.
  • Simple Testimony for the Comfort and Profit of the Children of God
    • Dates: 1845 to 1853
    • Edited by: ?
    • Published by: Central Tract Depot J.K. Campbell
    • Description: "Published chiefly from papers sent from Demerara, and with a view to circulation among brethren in the Lord in that land"
      Small format, about equal in size to the original "Girdle of Truth". Contains valuable material not duplicated elsewhere, including pre-conflict stuff from Plymouth (1830s). Leonard Strong features largely.
    • Volumes: 1 (1845) , 2 (1846) , 3 (1853) are available.
  • Food for Christ's Flock
    • Dates: 1850 to 1854
    • Edited by: William Coleman Boardman and possibly the latter issues in vol 2 by Albert Midlane
    • Published by: J.K. Campbell
    • Description:

      Just 2 volumes published; the editor in later years left Brethren and went off doctrinally, embracing "non-eternity' views.

    • Volumes: 1 (1850) , 2 (1854) are available here .

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