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  • The Evangelist
    • Dates: 1878 to ?
    • Edited by: William Shaw, Henry Pickering.
    • Published by: George Turner, 40 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow
    • Description:

      "The Evangelist first appeared in January, 1880 and was edited by William Shaw, of Maybole, Ayrshire and later by Henry Pickering." L.o.I. 1952.

    • Volumes: 2 (1879) , 31 (1908) are available.
  • The Believer's Pathway
    • Dates: 1880 to ?
    • Edited by: William Shaw, A.J. Holiday, Richard Ledger Smith, and ??? .. later Henry Pickering
    • Published by: W.Shaw, Maybole
    • Description:

      The numbering is a bit confusing .. firstly seems there were 12 volumes issued before the New Series started in 1892. However these were not always labelled New Series, so easy to confuse the numbers with the original series. The 1899 volume is labeled as N.S. 9 which is surely a mistake and should be N.S. 8. The 1900 issue is labelled Volume 21, ie being the 21st year of issue, but then in 1901 we are back to Volume 10, Ie N.S. 10 assuming 1900 is N.S. 9 !! It then continues like this (without labeling them as 'New Series'), but by 1912 at least, it has reverted back to the original numbers, and thus that one being Vol 33!

      Very nice practical periodical though.

      Volume 7 (1886) has on the front: "Completing this Series and Size", and at notice in the December issue, "AT the suggestion of the Publishers, it has been decided to alter somewhat the appearance and arrangement of our little paper. The shape is not found convenient, particularly for the bound volumes, and this will be modified. Another disadvantage in regard to the volumes has been, that the advertisements appearing at the end of each monthly number had to be bound up with the other matter. This, and the constant repetition of the title at the commencement of each month, were disfigurements, when the twelve months came to be bound together. It is therefore intended in future to have a cover to each monthly part, to which advertisements, &c., wll be confined, and these covers will be removed before binding, so that the volumes will be much more presentable than hitherto. These and other minor improvements will, we doubt not, commend themselves to our readers. But the great matter is, after all, the contents and not the get-up. And as to this, we desire to seek the fellowship in prayer of (-}od's dear people. We have been much encouraged by the testimony of not a few, as to the help they have received from what they have found in these pages. But we seek for better things still, that God may be yet more abundantly glorified. Will all the readers of our little paper, before they lay it down each"
      and another note: OUR ALTERATIONS. THE next number will (D. V.) be altered as follows :-— Size. Crown Bvo.-—same size as “Herald of Salvation ”-—-16 pages. .... “The Believer’s Pathway” and “Herald of Salvation" will be issued bound together in neat coloured cover, under the title of “Good Seed,”

      Volume 8-11 is inscribed as edited by A.J. Holiday.

      Volume 12 says 4 volumes were edited by William Shaw.

      Volume 11 has a notice: "OUR esteemed brother, Mr. Holiday, owing to his late serious illness, has found it necessary to reduce the permanent ‘strain that resulted from his numerous responsibilities in the Lord’s service. In accordance with this desire, arrangements have been made to relieve him, in the meantime, of the editorship of “ The Believer’s Pathway. ’’"

      Volume 1 New Series is inscribed, "Edited by Richard Ledger Smith of Dublin". This volume also says it is the "13th year of issue".

      Many references to a periodical called "The Evangelist" published simultaneously with this one, but focused on the gospel, and another called "The Herald of Salvation" (according to a page at the end of NS3 this was edited by Alex Marshall." Also other magazines, called "Boys and Girls", and "Across the Seas."

      "Believers' Pathway was first published in January, 1880. Its editor was William Shaw, of Maybole, Ayrshire, and later editors were A. J. Holiday, William Inglis, John Gray, James Hyslop, and Henry Pickering." L.o.I. 1952.

  • The Believer's Treasury
  • Tidings of Peace
    • Dates: 1886 to 1896
    • Edited by: William Shaw
    • Published by: W.Shaw, Maybole
    • Description:

      The individual issues of this magazine appear to have been entitled "The Sower", but the volumes, and always advertised as "Tidings of Peace."

    • Volumes: 1 (1886-1889) , 3 (1893-1896) are available.
  • The Herald of Salvation
    • Dates: 1880? to ?
    • Edited by: R.J. Hopkins, Alexander Marshall, Henry Pickering
    • Published by: The Publishing Office, 40 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow
    • Description:

      A sample single issue cover can be seen here

      There is an announcement in The Christian Week, Volume 2 (ie 1880)

      "First published in 1878, The Herald of Salvation was originally edited by R. J. Hopkins. In 1893, when Alex Marshall returned from Canada, Mr. Pickering asked him to undertake its editorship, and from that time until Mr. Marshall's decease in 1928, The Herald was his favorite project   Its present circulation is 27,000 copies per month." L.o.I. 1952.

    • Volumes: ? (1882) , 31 (1908) are available.
  • Salvation for the Children

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