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The Year March 1915

The Believer's Pathway

Volume: 36.3

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Steve H said ...
The article " A LESSON FROM A FOUNTAIN PEN" on page 45 is fascinating, but not many people would have owned a fountain pen way back in 1915 - dip pens were still widely used at that time.

The pen pictured appears to be Swan "eyedropper" fountain pen with an over and under feed to supply the nib with ink.

There is no such thing as a perfect fountain pen, or a perfect Christian, and sometimes a pen (or person) needs to be restored to fully function correctly.

It can only be done by someone who knows what they are doing, otherwise even more damage will be caused to the pen (or person).

With the appropriate care and attention, something (or someone) may not only be fully restored, but also be put to good use, kept and really treasured.

I still use fountain pens quite frequently, and have an example similar to the one pictured, but do not use it - as fountain pens significantly improved in the mid 20th century.

Many pens must have been given as gifts over the years - for Christmas or birthday presents, and probably never / rarely used - I have seen several vintage boxed examples complete with the original guarantee stamped and dated by the retailer on 24th December!

All these pens cost someone something, and of course all the wonderful gifts we have received by God's mercy and grace cost our Lord and Saviour His precious life.

Let us all use our gifts for His eternal glory.


Steve H

Monday, Aug 28, 2023 : 01:15

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