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1919 to ?

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Published by:  Pickering & Inglis

This was The Springing Well renamed and slightly changed, though keeping the volume numbers, so started from Vol 17. By this time was an 'Open' rather than 'Closed' magazine. By 1929 had changed name to The Christian Graphic.


  1. 17.11-18.11 - Nov. 1919 - Nov. 1920
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Tom said ...

Thursday, Aug 23, 2018 : 21:19
Tom said ...
I don't think the bit about "on the death of Mr Witherby" is correct. He died in 1907 and gave reasons for ending Faithful Words in its large volume.
Thursday, Aug 23, 2018 : 22:08
Michael Schneider said ...

Kelly mentioned The Springing Well several times in his letters of 1900 and 1901, calling it "trash" and a "stagnant pool" ... 😮

Friday, Aug 24, 2018 : 00:59
Tom said ...

Yes shocking language :s

Personally I think the physiological effects of Exclusivism (even unwittingly) over time are almost bound to take their toll on those under it's influence. Objectively Mr Kelly's behaviour in latter years (particularly with W.W.Fereday) leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Quite the contrast to what true Christrianity should produce, Ps 92.14, "They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing;" .. IMO.

Friday, Aug 24, 2018 : 06:35

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