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Volume: 1927.2

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Tom said ...
Question of the day, who is the elderly sister referred to, and have we a copy of the poem "The Cloud and the Argument" ❔
Saturday, Dec 15, 2018 : 22:49
Timothy Stunt said ...
Question 2: How did the author talk with the elderly sister if she was stone deaf?
Sunday, Dec 16, 2018 : 00:44
Rodger said ...

It is by Ms FJ Elwood, and in GHS Price's compiled Poems, page 20 and on. If you need a copy I can scan for you

Sunday, Dec 16, 2018 : 01:35
Timothy Stunt said ...
I recall that on the late Mr Gordon Rainbow's "My Brethren" website there was mention of Miss Frances J Elwood (1830-1927) who was deaf for most of her life. The site included some of her reminiscences which were a useful source for the earliest years of the Brethren. Timothy Stunt
Sunday, Dec 16, 2018 : 02:46
Rodger said ...
Yes, thankfully the site is up again, and you can find it here:
Sunday, Dec 16, 2018 : 03:18
Greg said ...
Thanks for scanning this Tom. It provokes three lines of enquiry:

1. The date is interesting for the address by F[rank] L[ock] - Adelaide in October 1927.
FL had taken responsibility for readings and addresses in Melbourne in April that year (reproduced in a little book entitled 'The Assembly in Formation'). I hadn't seen anything previously to indicate that his visit to Australia was so extensive.
I'd be glad to hear if anyone has either documentary or oral history about his visit to Oz in 1927.

2. This address was republished in two instalments in Thing New and Old (F B Tomkinson - so-called Booth brethren) in 1956. How did it make its way there?

3. Does anyone have printed (scannable?) notes of Easter meetings in Melbourne. They seem to have been a regular thing dating from JND's visit in 1876. These are the ones I'm aware of:
*Year *Visitor(s) *Subject *Notes
*1876 *JND, RT Grant, JG Deck *Unknown *W Corrie-Johnston also present
*1884 *W George Heney *Unknown *GC Willis got his "George" from WGH
*1888 *W Powley *Paul's doctrine
*1890 *Local brethren only *Levitical Service *Inaccessible copy in State Lib of NSW
*1892 *GW Glenny *The Wilderness
*1894 *HJ Jull, JS Bagshaw *Present Truth
*1895 *WS Flett *The Testimony of the Lord *Local brethren only
*1897 *Local brethren only *No subject
*189x *JS Bagshaw *Readings on the Psalms
*1909 *GA van Someren, AL Mallalieu *No conference? Meetings in Brisbane
*1923 *GW Ware *Unknown *Unsure of this but the dates line up
*1925 *J Taylor *No conference? Meetings in NZ
*1927 *F Lock *The Assembly in Formation
*1928 *EJ McBride *Life and the way into it
*1932 *WJ House *Distinctive Glories of Christ
*1838 *HF Nunnerley *Unknown *Unsure of this but the dates line up

Sunday, Dec 16, 2018 : 17:58
Tom said ...

Greg I found there is this text redproduction of the first item; which says F.L. is F. Lavington - I assume that is mistaken?

Sunday, Dec 16, 2018 : 23:24

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