Brethren Archive

Word and Work

1875 to ?

Edited by:  C.R. Hurditch

"A Weekly Record of Christian Testimony and Effort."
Given the similarity in title, maybe it replaced The Latter Rain?


  1. 12 - 1886 (The file size is about 140mb. The original is found here; .. though the size is over 500mb, but the quality slightly higher.)
  2. 12 - 1886 (This scan from Google is more readable and complete than current one up. Still 190mb though.)
These files are free to download but for personal use only and not re-publication. Thank-you!

Tom said ...

Never seen a copy of this .. rather annoyingly one went on ebay a few weeks ago;
If you go to the link it shows some pics from it (though i think this wont work in a few months as ebay remove them).
Keep a look out for more of these!

Monday, Aug 27, 2018 : 15:47
Marty said ...
Charles Russell Hurditch edited "Word and Work" from 1875 - 1898.
In his inaugural editorial in 1875, Mr. Hurditch stated that: "Its pages will be closed to all ecclesiastical questions and controversial subjects where foundation truth is not concerned; but open to the pen of every accredited minister of the gospel of Christ, when used with a view to the spiritual advancement of the people of God, without respect of denominational distinction."
Tuesday, Apr 6, 2021 : 08:30

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