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The Year 1895

The Believers' Almanack, or Christian Remembrancer

Volume: 1895

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Tom said ...
Has anyone else seen one of these, or now how it originated, or other editors etc.?
Also what is the pamphlet by Scott on J.N.D. mentioned at the end?
Tuesday, Oct 16, 2018 : 00:46
Timothy Stunt said ...

On page 88 of Paul Wilkinson's hagiographical For Zion's sake:Christian Zionism and the role of John Nelson Darby there is a quotation from Scott's John Nelson Darby, describing JND as a man of 'simple and unaffected piety; combined with the ripest scholarship and unequalled ability in expounding the Word of God,' (page 8).  On page 95-96 Wilkinson quotes Scott as saying that JND was possibly 'the most voluminous theological writer of the nineteenth century' (page 4).  These are hardly earth shaking revelations but it could be that Wilkinson has a copy of Walter Scott's booklet ...      Timothy

Tuesday, Oct 16, 2018 : 04:00
Tom said ...
Thanks - those quotes managed to turn up a scan of it. Cba have a copy, also it is quoted on mybrethren, and a facsimile issued in the mid 1900s, but still must be quite rare. Appears the facimilee was issued without Walter Scott's address on it.
Tuesday, Oct 16, 2018 : 05:52

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