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1865 to ?

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Not a brethren periodical, in fact has a number of articles attacking JND, but the PDF does have notes of meetings at Rawstorne Street on pages etc. Also many references to the controversy at the time, and other things of historical interest.

  1. 1-2 - 1865-1868
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Marty said ...

Job Caudwell - 8th Dec. 1820 ~ 5th June 1908.
Publisher, Editor & Author.

"Precious Truth."  London: Job Caudwell, 335 Strand, W.C. Price 1/2d.
This monthly serial, which commenced in April last, has grown most
justly in importance and size, its value far  exceeds its price.  All the 
numbers contain most practical precious truth. We would commend 
especially the article in August number, "Christian Unity," and also
those articles on the "Plymouth Brethren." We would strongly 
recommend our readers to take it in; and we pray the Lord's blessing 
and favour upon it for Christ's sake.
"The Spiritual Watchman" 1865  W. T. Turpin, Ed.


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