Brethren Archive

Assembly Annals

1927 to 1968

Edited by:  Dr H A Cameron (first editor) and later by the brothers Pell. (Peter J. Pell Junior from March 46 (LOI-49))

Published by\in: Grand Rapids, Michigan

The first series began in January 1927 and the new series in July 1933.
"A Magazine Devoted to Ministry Concerning Christ and the Church."
Followed on from "Our Record" and was later renamed "The Uplook"
"was initially acceptable in conservative Gospel Halls, but soon became more and more aligned with looser GH’s and the conservative chapels."


  1. NS1 - 1933
  2. NS2 - 1934
  3. NS3 - 1935-6 (18 issues.)
  4. NS4.1 - Jan 1937
  5. NS4.2 - Feb 1937
  6. NS4.4 - Apr 1937
  7. NS4.5 - May 1937
  8. NS4.6 - Jun 1937
  9. NS4.7 - Jul 1937
  10. NS4.8 - Aug 1937
  11. NS4.9 - Sep 1937
  12. NS4.10 - Oct 1937
  13. NS4.11 - Nov 1937
  14. NS4.12 - Dec 1937
  15. NS5 - 1938
  16. NS6 - 1939
  17. NS7 - 1940
  18. NS9.2 - 1942 (Tribute to Wm J. McClure.)
  19. NS15.11 - Nov 1948
  20. NS17 - 1950 (Compilation of 12 single issues.)
  21. NS32.12 - 1965
  22. NS8 - 1941 (Missing November issue.)
These files are free to download but for personal use only and not re-publication. Thank-you!

Tom said ...

So it seems the magazine was first called "Look on the Fields" when started in 1927, and edited by Leonard Sheldrake before the name being changed to "Uplook" when Peter Pell became its editor a few years later. These would constidute the 'first' or 'original series'. The name was then changed to Assembly Annals in 1933 by its next editor, Dr. H. A. Cameron, and merged with 'Our Record'. And in 1968, it reverted back to Uplook.


The reason for the first change seems to have been some controversey;

Some of brother Sheldrake's articles in Look on the Fields occasioned severe criticism, such as Causes of Banishment which was written to correct severe tendencies among some assemblies and missionaries. Anything but a literary pugilist, he eschewed controversy for controversy's sake. Early on he passed the editorship to Peter J. Pell 


Also of note is the Illustrated Scrapbook of Leonard Sheldrake at CBA.

Two other periodicals Sheldrake ran for a while are "Words of Peace" and "The North American Evangelist". Not seen either.


Monday, Aug 20, 2018 : 16:11
Joel said ...
Tom, I have quite a few of the Assembly Annals from the 30's and early 40's if you might be interested in them and have some way to get them to you from the USA. Or if there were someone in this country who could take the time to digitize them for you. Just let me know if there is any interest.
Thursday, Sep 3, 2020 : 21:24
Joel said ...
I have these copies:
1933 August, December
1934 Complete
1937 Complete
1938 Complete
1941 Only missing November
Thursday, Sep 3, 2020 : 22:21
Tom said ...
Hi Joel, yes it would be good to get these at some point.
Friday, Sep 4, 2020 : 16:17

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