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Grace and Truth; for Old and Young

1884? to >=1890

Edited by:  ?

Published by:  W.B. Horner

Nice medium-large format magazine; aimed at young people. Papers by A.T. Schofield, Robert McKilliam, J Denham Smith, J G Bellett etc. C.H. Spurgeon said of it "Answering to its title, this excellent serial is sure to benefit its readers; may they be as many as the stars!"


  1. 1 - 1884
  2. 7 - 1890
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Tom said ...
Wonder who the editor was? Would be great to get more of these.
Sunday, Aug 26, 2018 : 21:52
Samir said ...
Thank you very much for all the available download. This is the true legacy of brethren for all the coming generations.May God bless you more and more till he come.Thanks a lot from Egypt.
Saturday, Oct 3, 2020 : 05:02
Marty said ...

GRACE AND TRUTH, for Old and Young. W. B. Horner & Son. The substance of several excellent periodicals previously issued by this firm, combined in one. [I believe the Magazines referred to are "The Young Believer" and "The Bible Student", both ended in 1883 and were edited by A. T. Schofield.  He is probably also the editor of "Grace and Truth". The 3rd one is probably "The Child's Bible Companion".]   This first number of the new monthly is true to its title, in providing spiritual food for the saved and unsaved. With sixteen pages of good reading, illustrations, and attractive wrapper, for a penny, it is surely within the reach of all. It is well suited for general distribution in the more important centres of Gospel testimony, and we doubt not it will have an extensive sphere of usefulness. "Footsteps of Truth" 1884


Sunday, Oct 29, 2023 : 02:52

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