Brethren Archive

Faithful Words

1897 to ?

Edited by:  Arthur B. Rodgers (1930s), James F. Spink (by 1940s)

Published by\in: Faithful Words Publishing Company.

  1. 30.9 - 1926
  2. 40.4 - 1930
  3. 34.9 - 1930
  4. 50.2 - 1946
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Tom said ...
Don't know much about this, other than it was published by same peeps who did the Address Book i just put up. Would be good to get some of the earlier ones. By the 1940s James Spink was editor (who also edited Light and Liberty), so I guess it leaned towards the 'Chapel' side.
Wednesday, Aug 15, 2018 : 14:57
Tom said ...

See article on publisher J. Thomas Dean in Letters of Interest 1949 p325 - says he started Faithful Words in September 1895 - I assume it's the same one.

Tuesday, Aug 28, 2018 : 20:37

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