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The Year 1897

Chimes; An Evangelical Magazine

Volume: 2

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Marty said ...

Volume 1, 1896 was called: BETHESDA CHIMES.

"BETHESDA CHIMES is a monthly magazine, published at one penny, by our good friend Pastor F. E. MARSH, whose admirable papers in Footsteps of Truth have made him so well known to our readers. The first number gives promise of good success. It has as much variety as twelve pages will allow, including the hitherto unpublished paper on “The Attitude of the Church in Expectation of Christ’s Return,” by Mr. A. A. Rees (a former pastor of Bethesda), and one of Mr. Marsh’s Sunday morning discourses on “What is Life?” We wish our friend all prosperity in his new venture."

"Footsteps of Truth" 1896


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