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Exclusive Section: Children's Periodicals

  • Good News for Young and Old
    • Dates: 1859 to 1884
    • Edited by: C.H. Mackintosh to 1879 and then Inglis Fleming
    • Published by: W.H. Broom A.S. Rouse
    • Description: First was called "Good News for the Little Ones", and also sometimes "Good News For Young People".
      In 1877 seems to have switched to being large format.
    • Volumes: 4 (1862) , 9 (1867) , 11 (1869) , 12 (1870) , 16 (1874) , 18 (1876) , 19 (1877) , 21 (1879) , 24 (1882) , 25 (1883) , 26 (1884) are available here .
  • Scattered Seed and Good News for Young and Old
    • Dates: 1885 to 1929?
    • Edited by: Inglis Fleming
    • Published by: W.H. Broom A.S. Rouse Central Bible Truth Depot
    • Description:

      Large format. More scans on CW Archive.

  • My Little Friend Annual
    • Dates: 1876 to 1895
    • Edited by: ?
    • Published by: 20 Paternoster Square
    • Description:

      Beautiful large format periodical; 20 volumes issued, a note in volume 20 says it is the last volume;. to be continued as "Gospel Stories for the Young" and maybe also "Talks with my Girls". Many more scans on CW Archive.

    • Volumes: 18 (1893) are available.
  • Gospel Stories for the Young
    • Dates: 1896 to >= 1952
    • Edited by: J. W. Nicholls
    • Published by: 20 Paternoster Square
    • Description:

      In the last volume of My little Friend Annual it is said in the foreword: "In the December number you will have seen the notice that this is to be the last volume of this Magazine under its present title ; but we hope it will appear under the new title of 'Gospel Stories for the Young,' and Mr. J. W. Nicholls has kindly promised to act as Editor for the new Magazine, and C. J. L. will continue her interesting "Talks with my Girls,""

      More scans on CW Archive.

    • Volumes: 4 (1899) , 19 (1914) are available.
  • The Sunday School Visitor
    • Dates: 1901 to >= 1927
    • Edited by:
    • Published by: Loizeaux Brothers
    • Description:

      Large format with; at least 27 annual volumes issued. Apparently the magazine originated in a suggestion of Samuel Ridout, who for many years wrote the Bible class lessons. []

    • Volumes: 26 (1926) are available.
  • Messages of Love
    • Dates: 1899 to Current ?
    • Edited by: John T. Armet and his wife
    • Published by: Bible Truth Depot, St Louis, USA
    • Description: Large format children's magazine; I have a number of volumes.
      "In 1885, Mr. John T. Armet and his wife rented a corner of a brother’s stationery store where they began what they called Bible Truth Depot. May 7, 1899, was the date of the first issue of a new Sunday school paper called “Messages of Love” begun by the Armets. It began, “Our Dear Little Friends: If the Lord permit, we hope to have a paper like this one for you every week, telling you of God’s love to this world of sinners. What could be more wonderful to tell you about than the love of God, and that love being towards us when we had no love for Him.” By God’s good hand, that paper presenting God’s love and salvation has been continuously published from that day to this." []
      In 1928 was renamed, "Messages of the Love of God".
    •   Scans of individual weekly issues until 1990 are available here.
  • Pure Streams for the Little Ones
  • The Children's Message
    • Dates: 1898 to
    • Edited by: S.J.B. Carter
    • Published by: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
    • Volumes: 7 (1904) , (ND) are available.
  • "Here a Little, and There a Little"
    • Dates: to
    • Edited by: Mrs. J.A. Trench

Graham Hall said ...
We have an original copy of My Little Friend published in 1891, left to us by an ancestor.
It isin good order,and we are trying to get some sort of valuation as a rare book. Can you please help us, or point us in the right direction. We can find little about the book, except it was a school prize.
We would be obliged.
Graham Hall.
Friday, Feb 21, 2020 : 23:19
Tom said ...
Hi Graham. I doubt you would get much for it unfortunately. Maybe £10-20 if lucky. best, Tom
Saturday, Feb 22, 2020 : 19:46

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