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Truth and Tidings

1948 to Ongoing

Edited by:  A.W. Joyce

Published by\in: Gospel Tract Publishers, Toronto

Canadian magazine of the stricter Gospel Halls.

  1. 1.0 - 1948
  2. 1.1 - 1948
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Tom said ...

Periodical starts with warnings about taking summer holidays in places where there is no assembly, and the dangers of music, so seems quite a conservative publication.

I have many single issue scans from 1950s thru mid 90s; I'll add more if anyone interested.


Monday, Aug 13, 2018 : 14:21
Dan said ...
The description of T&T as a Canadian magazine is now out of date; it did start that way, but the last three editors have been Americans. Contributors are pretty evenly spread across North America, with some contributions from the UK.
Wednesday, Nov 27, 2019 : 03:22
Dan said ...
...and I would add that in 1948, most assembly magazines were quite conservative. Truth and Tidings today is a reasonable magazine that is not afraid of cultural engagement, when it can be done in a holy way. It's focus is still on doctrine, so its not as "fluffy" as some other outlets. My $ .02 worth.
Wednesday, Nov 27, 2019 : 03:29

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