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  • Needed Truth
    • Dates: 1888 to Current
    • Edited by: Originally J. A. Boswell, John Brown, A. J. Holiday, W. H. Hunter, and C. M. Luxmoore.
    • Published by: C.M. Luxmoore initially, and then many others.
    • Description:

      ⚠️ These volumes are here for historical interest; they may contain useful articles in places, but also teaching on church fellowship which was contrary to established principles.

      See Wikipedia article for some more details.

      "Needed Truth was not published during the years 1909-13, when "Wholesome words" was substituted for this publication." CBA

      Also see;

      The years following the schism in 1892 from the Open Brethren,
      which became known as ‘the Separation’, brought to the fore new
      teachings from the Churches of God (or as they are more commonly
      known, the Needed Truth).2 Certain areas of doctrine which were
      before held by their teachers in a much broader context were now
      narrowed down to apply only to themselves. Articles written prior to
      the schism of 1892 in Needed Truth, which had originated as an
      Open Brethren magazine, indicate that some doctrines had become
      quite incompatible with the eventual formalized position after 1892.3
      The new lines of teaching diminished the original areas of
      commonality between Churches of God and Open Brethren. The
      adherents of the new party were made to think of themselves as
      particular and distinctive from that from which they had separated.

  • Wholesome Words
  • Green Pastures; a monthly messenger for the children of God
    • Dates: 1907 to >= 1965
    • Edited by: ?
    • Published by: R. Jeans
    • Description: This periodical was of the Vernalite NT section; The Vernalites broke away from the main NT about 1905 or so. They refused the main system NT doctrine that local companies lack competency to discipline a bad elder. The main NT's held that such a problem must be passed upstream to the district oversight, or indeed the national oversight.
  • The Ambassador
    • Dates: 1915 to >= 1935
    • Edited by: ?
    • Description: At least 21 volumes were published; I have 7 (1921), 14,16,21.
  • Eagles Wings: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine for the Young

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