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Words in Season

1909? to 2008?

Edited by:  Dr E.A. Martin (firstly). Laters Charles R. Keller, Samuel C. Keller.

Published by\in: Charles R. Keller, 6672 Chew Street, Philadelphia, Pa. (by 1938)

Extolled 'Old Paths' around the time of the 1914 division. I'm told "Ended in rancor due to its unyielding conservatism being no longer palatable to the most of the upcoming generation of Gospel Hall brethren, whose organ is now only Truth & Tidings."

Since April 2010 a magazine "Truths for our Day" has been published that is in some respects, intended to carry on the direction of WIS, and it has the index to all the articles since the beginning. This magazine is also translated and published in Spanish as "Verdades para Nuestros Días" and is available at 

  1. 21 - 1929
  2. 30.3 - 1938
  3. 34.7 - 1942
  4. 34.9 - 1942
  5. 35.1 - 1942
  6. 35.2 - 1943
These files are free to download but for personal use only and not re-publication. Thank-you!

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Have quite a lot of single issues from 60s and 70s too but I'll leave off adding for now unless anyone particularly interested in them.
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