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Copy of a Letter from Ottawa, Canada, to Bexhill

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To Saints gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ as Bexhill.

Beloved Brethren

Having had the doctrines of Mr F.E. Raven before us as an Assembly, we have been led to reject them as unscriptural and dishonouring to the Person of the blessed Lord. John 1:1-4; 1 John 1:1,2; 1 John 5:20; and judging Greenwich to be not disposed to clear themselves from what was brought before them by your letter of June 8th, we have seen it our path according to 2 Tim 11:19 to no longer acknowledge them as a gathering in which we have confidence as caring for the name of Him who is holy, Him who is true, and so we refuse to acknowledge them as a gathering on divine ground.

We also in accordance with that word in 2 Tim 11:22, considering that you acted in the fear of the Lord, and in godly care for His name and table, acknowledge your action of June 29th with the earnest desire that it may yet bear fruit in the exercising of conscience and judgement of the evil before God.

On behalf of the Assembly gathered to the name of The Lord Jesus Christ at Ottawa, Canada.


J. Tracy

W.A. Austin

Alex. McKinnon

W. Geo. Heney

L. Vankoughnet

Andrew Halkett

Mattthew Orme

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