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Heavenly Life, The Spirit's Qualifying, and Righteousness of God.

by W.T. Whybrow

Mark said ...

There is a context to consider with regard to this document. It contains evidence of the conflict concerning eternal life going on at the time, and which lies behind its contents. This is pretty obvious from page 4. In it the author presents his side of the argument; and without such an awareness, the statements it contains and their relevance might seem rather obscure.

This is an example of where there is the need to carry out research properly, with both sides of the argument carefully weighed, and, importantly, in the light of an open Bible.

Wednesday, Dec 8, 2021 : 21:33
Syd said ...
Whyrow stood with WJ Lowe against Raven. In writing to a brother in 1891, Lowe wrote: "Those who believed on the Lord on earth had of course eternal life; they were with Him, most wonderful privilege (Mt 13:17). But they had it not as yet for their own souls as based upon His death and resurrection. For He had not yet died. It was a transition state which God did not allow to last long. The thief never knew the Lord's resurrection at all, yet he went straight into Paradise with Jesus. You can't make theology out of the living word of God. The word will not bend to it. The only life a quickened soul can have now is Christ's risen live; for Christ is risen. To teach otherwise is really to cast a slur on the operation of the Holy Ghost in quickening; for He has come "to glorify Jesus."
If we do not understand what it is to be "in Christ" we can't understand eternal life now.
Saturday, Dec 11, 2021 : 02:12

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