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October 1894

A Letter on the Principles of Gathering and Christian Fellowship

by J.S. Oliphant

Summary of the 'Bethesda Question' and an exposition of Exclusive principles.
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Donald said ...
So helpful
Tuesday, Mar 16, 2021 : 07:47
Jonathan said ...

Going by FE Raven's letters, it seems he and JS Oliphant didn't see eye to eye. JSO left the developing Taylor group around 1905 along with Alfred Mace ( Does anyone know where JSO ended up after this?

Wednesday, Mar 17, 2021 : 18:13
Rodger said ...
There is a series on “The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus” by J.S. Oliphant in volume 2 (1910) of Scripture Truth Magazine, which may indicate where he found fellowship afterward.
Friday, Mar 19, 2021 : 00:30
Jonathan said ...
Thanks Rodger, that's a good observation. I might have expected to be more aware of him if that were the case but perhaps he spent his latter years in the USA rather than the UK...
Monday, Mar 22, 2021 : 05:08

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