Brethren Archive
circa 1945

An Appeal to My Brethren (to Mr A. E. Booth)

by Lee Wilfred Ames

Very long document relating to the Kingsland Assembly, and association with Open Brethren.

David said ...
This appears to be a lengthy letter of appeal on the part of Lee Wilfred Ames to Albert Edward Booth presenting his concerns regarding the proposed merger of Grant brethren with Glanton brethren.
Monday, Jan 20, 2020 : 07:42
Tom said ...
Thank you. Somebody else suggested it was by Mr Ames too. I've updated the details accordingly now.
Monday, Jan 20, 2020 : 20:38
Jonathan said ...
He is identified as the author as his name is at the top of the letter of page 13.
Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020 : 23:52
Rodger said ...
There are a lot of interesting details concerning the "little Glanton" separation in here.

Is anyone able to tell us what became of the Kingsland meeting?
Wednesday, Jan 22, 2020 : 00:09

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