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The Year 1915

Our Present Need of Zeal and Repentance

by Theo Davis

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Tom said ...
T.D. ??
Tuesday, Mar 12, 2013 : 13:15
Martin Arhelger said ...
Obviously T. D. was from a “Kelly” background (F. E. Race as publisher points to this). Thus it is quite probably that T. D. is Theo Davis from Blackheath. He had a part in the correspondence between the “Kelly” and the “Lowe” Brethren in the 1920th. Noel’s history (vol.II, pages 745 – 750) has only his initials “T. D.” but a German Letter of R. Brockhaus from July 1926 gives his full name.
Theo Davis was a regular contributor to “Bible Monthly” (as “T. D.”, but once with full name: vol. 3 [1923], p. 46), often with verses.
I have the copy of a photograph which shows Davis together with H. Wreford and W. J. Hocking.
Thy Precepts, vol. 18, #3 [May/June 2003], page 84, mentions a text by Davis in a booklet (?) with the title: “On the Human Personality of Christ” – probably against F. E. Ravens heresies. Do you have access to this text?
Christian greetings
Tuesday, Mar 12, 2013 : 16:09
Tom said ...
Thank you very much again!
I don't think I have the paper you mention myself but I will endevour to get a copy. Perhaps PTP might supply one.
This is all very interesting as I had just been looking at a photocopied letter I have written to Theo Davis, by F.B.Hole, A.J. Pollock and A.G. Taylor in 1949. The letter seems to be answering a question about the prevalence of FER's teaching among the Glanton brethren at that time. It ends by saying 'If you judge this letter to be of any help in present exercises .. ', I was not sure what those exercises might have been, but I would guess an early attempt at reunion between Glanton and the KLC. The brother who gave me this copy asked me not to publish it, but Im can send you it by email, if you are interested to see it?
Tuesday, Mar 12, 2013 : 18:22
Martin Arhelger said ...
Thanks for your answer. I have a text-file of the letter of 1949, but no picture of the original letterd and would be glad to get a copy.
Yes the letter was during an early attempt of reunion (see W. J. Ouweneel: Het Verhaal an de “Broeders”, vol. II, page 365-366).
Tuesday, Mar 12, 2013 : 23:08
Tom said ...
Mine is just the text version, same as yours i'm afraid!
Wednesday, Mar 13, 2013 : 14:36

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