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The Year 1942

Some facts, not so well-known, regarding Tunbridge Wells

by Benjamin Moore

Pamphlet attempting to justify the bullying of Charles Strange, and the nasty behaviour that followed, at Tunbridge Wells
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Douwe Scheepsma Szn said ...
Your note Tom: "Pamphlet attempting to justify the bullying of Charles Strange, and the nasty behaviour that followed, at Tunbridge Wells" clearly shows how you look at the decision(s) made at Tunbridge Wells. I too had that (KLC-)perspective, but had to change my mind about it. Up till 1909 'brethren' accepted the following well-known decisions: 1881 Ramsgate, 1884 Grant, 1885 Stuart and 1890 Raven, which all caused unfortunately divisions! Since the many reunions after that, all these assembly decisions were 'weakened' by them in division, to clear the way for their reunion.
As far as I saw you normally try to be more or less objective on your website, so why not here?
Principally I don't object to giving an opinion (believing it is Biblically based) and your opinion here. I even object to a website by a Christian trying to be objective about the history of the 'Brethren Movement'. As far as I believe one can't be neutral concerning certain leaders and groups. In that case I have problems with your website and also with, although I respect you and Michael Schneider (one of the brothers behind as Christians, as brothers in Christ. I trust I have made my point clear.

Your brother by grace,
Thursday, Jun 4, 2020 : 23:52
Tom said ...

Well yeah the website aims to be an archive rather than merely a display of material I personally agree with, as much as that is possible within the bounds of what one's own conscience will allow. Still everyone, including me, is free to express their opinions and views on things (again subject to constraint above). Fair enough the text I put in the description would have been better off in the 'comments' section. As for me, I don't accept Ramsgate, Stuart, or Grant decisions, in fact I don't agree with the concept of 'Assembly Decisions' at all, and think it is a dangerous fallacy, as particularly the early history of those known as TW Brethren shows very clearly. As to the matter with Mr Strange, I have seen, and experienced myself the 'ecclesiastical bullying' that is alas so prevalent in Exclusivism, so I will never knowingly miss an opportunity to point it out! Others are free to put forward different viewpoints as you have done.

Friday, Jun 5, 2020 : 04:37

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