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A Reply to Mr. Ravey's Booklet

by Hawthorne Bailie (Belfast)

A reply by an 'Open Brother' to Mr Ravey's pamphlet attacking Brethren.
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Samuel said ...
HB was Hawthorne Bailie. For a short account of his life and work see J G Hutchinson's "Their Praise is in the Gospel", (earlier editions went by the titles of "Sowers Builders Reapers" and "Irish Evangelists now with the Lord") Tom Bentley when a young believer utilised this pamphlet in arguing about Church Principles with the young Sidney Maxwell (later of Vancouver), who was persuaded by the argument and was a respected evangelist and teacher in Canada in his later years.(see "A Biography on Tom Bentley", by Grace Bentley)
Tuesday, Dec 2, 2014 : 22:55
Tom said ...
Thanks, have updated that!
Wednesday, Dec 3, 2014 : 11:59

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