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Within and Without; or, The Order of God's Assembly

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Tom said ...
No idea who the author was here.
Friday, Mar 15, 2013 : 02:20
Rodger said ...
Hi Tom,

I cannot seem to save and open any of these pdfs on my computer, as they always come out as aspx files, not pdf files. Any ideas?

Very interesting additions you have made lately. Very glad to have some of these made available.

Not sure if this one is actually Needed Truth, as the last page says it is from A. Holness, who, according to the Scripture Truth site, served "closed" brethren prior to 1881 split. Perhaps you know more about it...

Thanks again.
Wednesday, Mar 20, 2013 : 05:44
thomas said ...
We have in french : "L'Evangile selon Moïse, ou le tabernacle et ses ordonnances" by Rodger,date 18.., translated from the english. Is it the same autor ? This booklet was edited by one of the swiss editor among brethren : Ed. Sack, Neuchatel.
An other interisting book for your site is : Un dernier appel, by Philippe Mauro. I don't know the english title. It's a study of Ezra and Nehemiah, an application to the brethren testimony.
Wednesday, Mar 20, 2013 : 07:27
Tom said ...
Okay, I think the issue with the PDFs is that you will need to change the extension on the files you have saved from .aspx to .pdf for it to open automatically after you save them. Let me know if that does not work, and I will have another look at it.
I am not sure if it is 'Needed Truth' either actually! The 'Within and Without' phrase was definitely a common one among NTs though, so I classiied it this way, until can get some more light on who the author was.
I don't know too much about Alfred Holness, but I understand his business was originally in some way associated with R.L. Allan's; certainly he seems to have started off among 'Exclusives' but clearly by the 1890s at least was associated with 'Open Brethren', though he still published Kelly and others right on to the end. I will try to find out more information.

As to the French item, what makes you think it is the same author??


Saturday, Mar 23, 2013 : 01:05
Tom said ...
Interestingly also, if you look at this item
I think at the bottom it is Holnesse's Springing Well magazine that Kelly describes as a 'stagnant pool'! It seems ok to me!
Saturday, Mar 23, 2013 : 01:19

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