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The Year 2008

Notes on the Early History of Brethren Assemblies in British Guyana

by Edwin Cross

Jonathan said ...
I remember Mr Sewell visiting our house at least once at some time in the mid-seventies. He probably would have been late seventies himself at that time. My father was in the Royal Navy from 1945 - 1960s, so I wonder if he had come across him on his travels...
Sunday, Apr 23, 2017 : 16:40
Tom said ...
It has come to my attention, their are a couple of inaccuracies in Edwin's notes above. Firstly he was converted at Oxford rather than in the West Indies, and secondly the fact that his discovery of Brethren principles was in 1837 not 1827.

For anyone interested in reading more about this subject, a ten page article in the Christian Brethren Review of 1983, 'Leonard Strong: The Motives and experiences of Early Missionary Work in British Guiana.' is available here;

More recently, Timothy Stunt has written in "The Elusive Quest of the Spiritual Malcontent" an extended essay (20 pages) 'From Wandsworth to British Guiana: The Strong Family Saga' in which he has uses the numerous letters written by Leonard Strong from Guiana, which have been preserved in the CMS Archives. This provides a great deal more detail than the earlier essay, but the earlier essay does contain some details of other brethren missionaries in Guiana which are not included in the later one.

A preview of the second essay can be seen on Google Books;

Sunday, Apr 23, 2017 : 22:00
Gilbert Nurse said ...
My Grandfather was a member of the early Church at Demerara Guyana That Church is now being treaten by Government need Help as from March 2022 let all get together to help

Saturday, Apr 9, 2022 : 04:22

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