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The Principles of Christians Called "Open Brethren" by A Younger Brother

by Arthur Rendle Short

Hermit said ...
Thank you so much for this website and this book. I appreciate the work and expense that have been expended in this ministry.
Saturday, Feb 4, 2023 : 10:32
Mark said ...

It is interesting that this “younger brother” writes: "The common bond of fellowship which linked the little company together was their determination to follow particular lines of truth of which three were prominent …" (Page 90) 

Of these three, the first mentioned is: "The oneness of the Church of God, including in its compass all believers of every denomination, but excluding all who were not truly converted. (Ibid.)" 

Yet W E Vine who wrote the preface in this book, elsewhere on the subject of the church of God, writes: 'The phrase “the church of God” is used in the New Testament to designate a company of believers acting together in local capacity and responsibility.' (W E Vine, First Corinthians, page11.)

'It is important to distinguish this local use of the term church from its application to the entire Church, the Body of Christ, which is never used in any local or earthly significance.' (Ibid.) 

'To use the term “the church of God” as applying to the whole Church, whether the complete company extending through the present period, or all the Christians living now on earth, or any number of churches of Christians living in a particular country, is to confuse things which Scripture differentiates and to miss the meaning and import of the term.' (The Harvester, November 1948, page 52.)

Does not the trumpet give an uncertain sound in relation to this important matter? 

Mark Best

Saturday, Feb 4, 2023 : 20:33

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