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The Year 1849

Furlough Reminiscences, Thoughts and Strayings, The Kote Masool, and The Duel

by William Henry Jeremie

Chapters 3 and 4 are on the Brethren and are an interesting read!

Tom said ...
Sample quote about B.W. Newton,

"Now I have no particular love for mine acquiantance N. ;
but I will do him justice ; he is no worse than his saintly
opponents. His admirers say, or rather used to say, for
since his marriage, I suspect, like musquitos, from bosom
friends they have become his back-biters, that he was a
fellow of Oxford at nineteen, and that he was going to
take orders, but his conscience would not perotit him.
The evil-minded worldlings, however, on tliis last point,
whisper something of his having committed himself in
writing, which materially aided his conscience in her de-
cision, — that is no business of mine, so I drop it : I know
him to be a clever man, who unfortunately misdirects his
taleots ; — a good looking fellow for a Saint, and was deci-
dedly, before hia late entrance into wedlock, a pet with
the Saintesses. All flocked to hia gathering ; the other
leaders were non-plused ; hence their abuse, envy, and
heart-burning Jealouaies, "
Tuesday, Nov 18, 2014 : 23:30
Tom said ...
The author of this book was a relative of the Miss Jeremie who was a friend of B.W.N and is mentioned at the top of Page 7 in this item,
Also mentioned on Page 27 here:
And many times here:
Thursday, Nov 20, 2014 : 18:03

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