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The Year 1897

The Unity of the Spirit, or, Failure of Brethrenism as a United Testimony

by W.J. Fenton

Tom said ...

 Quite an interesting piece;

In assemblies of Brethren, on the other hand, all members profess to be really Christians; but if we may judge by the spirit they manifest, there is too much reason to believe that many also amongst them have never experienced the new birth, although they may give chapter and verse for their conversion without the slightest hesitation. The fact is, that for many years past more attention seems to have been given by their teachers generally to the letter of the Word, in order ta establish their theories about separation from supposed ecclesiastical evil than to the edification of believers, who should be taught that without entire consecration there can be no trud separation to God, which shall be glorifying to Him and a means of blessing to the Church and the world.


But there are, unfortunately, some who have gone out as evangelists, apparently more filled with luitred to the denominations, than w^ith love to the souls of the perishing, and more bent upon getting at the adherents of " the sects " than at sinners from the highways and hedges.  It is needless to say that assemblies founded by these preachers usually partake very strongly of the leading characteristics of their founders, who often seem to assume the authority of Okl Testament prophets, or New Testament apostles; and the members arc generally impatient of any other line of teach mg than what they have been accustomed to receive from them. Amongst such assemblies as these it is generally looked upon as a very serious ofifence for any of their members to go and hear a preacher or teacher connected with the '^ sects," no matter how godly or gifted he may be, or how much he may be iised as a means of blessing to the souls of men;

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