Brethren Archive
circa 1910

Letters on Baptism

by C.W. Wycherley

Well known pamphlet justifying 'Infant Baptism' (though they prefer to refer to it as 'Household Baptism'). Framed as a series of letters between an Exclusive, and an Open Brother, with the OB being convinced in the end.
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Stephen Hesterman said ...
For a response to Wycherley's views on baptism, please see
Saturday, Jan 16, 2016 : 20:11
Tom said ...
Interesting but irrelevant thing I just noticed and am jotting down here is that a "Miss Wycherly" of "27, TARANAKI PLACE, WELLINGTON, N.Z" was a distributor of books (see GJS Thrice Lost)
Tuesday, Jan 19, 2016 : 08:56

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