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What Does the Bible Teach about Baptism?: With Remarks on Household Baptism

by R. Elliott

Pamphlet advocating infant baptism.

Theophilus said ...
Hi, Tom, are you (or anyone else) able to provide an original of this pamphlet, which is here abridged and condensed? Leslie M. Grant writes in the foreword, “If an unabridged edition is available to the reader, we fully recommend his careful reading of it; but in this edition we have omitted those parts that may not be of the most general interest and concern.” Unabridged would be good, though there is a need to build bridges on this testy subject. LMG was active from the earliest days of Grove City (Eastern Bible Conference), and babies from Christian households were duly brought to the swimming pool, as the late Frank Wallace informed me, for immersion in the Name of the Triune God. Until . . . ? Was it attendees from Germany who brought this practice to an abrupt halt, and forced exercised parents into obscurity, as in many other places? Any possibilities?
Saturday, Jan 8, 2022 : 09:45

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