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circa 1860

A Brief Memorial of the Life and Triumphant Death of Hannah Mears

Tom said ...
Picked up this interesting tract a couple of years ago .. booksellers description; A very Rare piece of Mears family ephemera being a small, 40-page, true story, religious tract relating to the life and death of a young woman from a poor Bethnal Green (London) family, born 12 July 1839. Suffering a spinal injury when two years old the family moved to Bromley where her mother died in 1849. In 1851 she was admitted to the Old Ford Sunday School (East London?). When taunted for her deformity by other children, she would speak of it with a cheerful spirit, and appear to feel pity for them. Ten days before she died the enemy made a desperate attack and her frightening bed-ridden fit is described as is her eventual death and spiritual comfort. An Appendix reproduces various hymns and spiritual pieces she wrote. An inscription on the first page of text says: Salem School Feby 3rd 1861 A true tale. There was a Salem School in Belfast in 1861
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