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The Marriage Relationship: Comment on New Teachings Concerning It

by S.S.

Mark Best said ...

The pamphlet mentioned on the first page of this tract is alluded to in Napoleon Noel's "History of the Brethren" in the second volume on pages 701 to 721, this tract is listed in the Biblography on page 721. 

It evidently led to what he termed "The Renton Cleavage" though not to be confused with those known as "Renton Brethren" as being one of the fragments of the "London" or "Taylor" Exclusive Brethren. 

Interestingly, it is stated, "It has already been pointed out that if these new teachings (new among us, at least) are correct a necessary conclusion is that we have never been gathered to the Lord’s Name at all!" (The italics here are as those in the pamphlet.) 

This statement is interesting because behind it lies the question as to which one of the many groups of brethren is gathered together to the Lord's name? At least one group thinks they are the one! 

Tuesday, Oct 24, 2023 : 17:03
Syd said ...
It's a startling point you raise, Mark, made by S.S? in 1929!
Does anyone have that pamphlet, "Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage" by Harlow? It's difficult to assess the thrust of some points in the comments of S.S. without reading the pamphlet.
Wednesday, Oct 25, 2023 : 01:02
Mark Best said ...
Syd, I have Napoleon Noel's "History of the Brethren" and can only go on the evidence supplied in that.

It was not the matter of divorce and remarriage that prompted my comment but the italicised words. One prolific writer, printer, and publisher, with his own tract depot made clear that only the group to which he belonged were gathered together to the name of the Lord. All the rest were in division and therefore not.

As to the matter of divorce and remarriage, the situation in the world now is infinitely more complicated than in Mr Noel's day and presents innumerable problems. There was, for instance, no such thing as "same sex marriage" then.
Wednesday, Oct 25, 2023 : 16:01

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