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Tom said ...
Has an index of the Gospel Messenger Series of Little Books at the end.
Thursday, Jan 5, 2023 : 17:22
Theophilus said ...
Once upon a time I had sight of some of these Little Booklets in a bound volume. They were very interesting, not just for their presentation of the glad tidings in actual situations with real people, but also in giving biographical details of Dr. Walter Wolston (author of ‘Hear the Right’ and great champion of Glanton's action as over against the ‘London' party's interference. It was 'the boil on the surface' of the body corporate — 'a system of doctrines, diverse and strange, as compared with that in which most of our souls had been reared and nurtured, [that had] come upon the scene,' emanating, not from Greenwich, but from Brooklyn].
Might it be possible to open a page dedicated to the Little Books in numerical order, populated with the scans of as many as might become available, with a view to completing the series?
Thursday, Jan 5, 2023 : 22:33
Tom said ...
Friday, Jan 6, 2023 : 00:56
Theophilus said ...
Wasn't aware of this, Tom, but was thinking of a list in strict NUMERICAL sequence with the links for those you already have added in and with the others noted as MISSING or WANTED. It might encourage some of us to add in what we might have lurking somewhere out there.
Friday, Jan 6, 2023 : 18:08
Tom said ...
I've added a 'by number' list.
Saturday, Jan 7, 2023 : 01:01

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