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The Year 1845

The Church, Her Calling, and Consequent Position and Office

Marty said ...
The author may be Lt.-Col. Anthony Oliver Molesworth, 14th August 1839 ~ 11th March 1917.
Thursday, Sep 19, 2019 : 06:50
Tom said ...
What's your evidence for this?
Thursday, Sep 19, 2019 : 13:51
Marty said ...
CHURCH, The The church, her calling, and consequent position and office. [?By A.O. Molesworth.] London, Central Tract Depot, [?1850]. 45p. 6.5". (GC41767/KR1156) 5623,(9) (Manchester)
Thursday, Sep 19, 2019 : 23:28
Timothy Stunt said ...

Publication date in this copy is given as 1845 in which year Anthony Oliver Molesworth [1839-1917] would have been [?a very precocious] six year old. On the other hand the CBA cataloguer may have confused Colonel AOM with his linguistically gifted uncle Major James Thomas Molesworth (1795-1872), who was associated with the Brethren as early as 1837. There are some (I fear) minimal details in my Elusive Quest [2015] 229 n48, 236 n.82.  Timothy Stunt.

Friday, Sep 20, 2019 : 05:36
Marty said ...

The father of Lt,Col. Molesworth was Capt. Anthony Oliver Molesworth 23rd Oct 1793 ~ 9th July 1848. His brother was James Thomas (1795-1872). The author may have been the father instead of the son? James appeared busy with his English/Marathi Dictionary.

Friday, Sep 20, 2019 : 06:47
Timothy Stunt said ...

Your conjecture may well be correct, but the edition in the CBA is dated 1850 which is two years after the death of AOM senior. I don't think that the Marathi dictionary would have prevented JTM from producing The Church, her Calling . . .  The first edition of JTM's Marathi dictionary was dated 1831 after which he resigned his commission (and forwent his pension) returning to England in 1836. In the following year (1837) the articles commonly attributed to him appeared in the Christian Witness. It was only in 1851 that he went back to India to work on a revised edition of the Marathi Dictionary, returning to England in 1861. It was during this second stay in India that Austen Layard encountered him and identified him as a Plymouth Brother. During his later years, living at Clifton, he published several articles in T. G. Bell's Voice Upon the Mountains: A Journal of Prophetic testimony and evangelistic effort (1868).  Timothy Stunt

Saturday, Sep 21, 2019 : 01:04

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