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Tom said ...

I know these are not Brethren, but it is an interesting series, and I have most of them, so happy to put them up here.

The numbering is a bit confusing.

E.g. my copy of "Egyptian Life and History", is marked Vol 6 at the back has a listing of the published volumes as,

1 - Cleopatra's Needle
2 - Assyrian Life and History
3 - Fresh Light ..
4 - Recent Discoveries ..
5 - Babylonian Life and History
6 - Galilee in the Time of Christ
7 - Egyptian Life and History

Whereas my "Egypt and Syria ..", also marked number 6 on the front, has in the back

1 - Cleopatra's Needle
2 - Fresh Light ..
3 - Recent Discoveries ..
4 - Babylonian Life and History
5 - Galilee in the Time of Christ
6 - Egypt and Syria
.. list goes on til number 18.

My "Recent Discoveries" is marked 3 on front, but the scan I have found and put up is marked 4, so no consistency at all!



Tuesday, Oct 2, 2018 : 02:18
Tom said ...
The only one I couldn't find a scan of is volume 11, "Animals of the Bible" by H. Chichester Hart. I don't know if the series went beyond number 24.
Tuesday, Oct 2, 2018 : 03:48
Timothy Stunt said ...

Interesting that the series includes two books by Sir Wallis Budge who wrote another volume By Nile and Tigris: A Narrative of journeys in Egypt and Mesopotamia... (1920) in which he pays tribute to "the heroic missionary" A.N. Groves ( i.191-92, 210)... Timothy

Tuesday, Oct 2, 2018 : 06:17
Peter Reynolds said ...
Assyrian Life and History, and Egyptian Life and History, both by Margaret Elise Harkness, were both dropped. I can only think that they had already decided to drop her first book by the time her second book was printed. The sheet at the end of Egyptian Life and History is obviously out of date, as it says 5, 6, and 7 (also known as 4, 5, and ummmmm.... "we had that briefly but don't have it any more") were "in preparation". Since this is in the back of 7 which had already been renumbered 6 before being dropped altogether, making way for Egypt and Syria by Dawson to be No 6, it is evident that this sheet has just been re-used from a catalogue, or the back of an earlier book. Note the similar oddity in the back of Recent Discoveries, where that book itself is described as being in preparation but under the earlier planned title of "Underground Jerusalem".
Saturday, Sep 7, 2019 : 08:39

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