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The Camp as it Was and Will Be

by E.Cs.

Tom said ...

Who was E.Cs? Edward Cross?

This appears to have been in the Bible Herald 1876.

It also lists another item by G.W. in the back; Gone Home : A Record of the sudden call of R. C., by G. W

Wednesday, Mar 4, 2020 : 19:10
Tom said ...
Wonder if the R.C. was the publisher R. M. Cameron? Incidentally I know nothing about him, so if anyone has dates or a full name etc?
Wednesday, Mar 4, 2020 : 19:20
Tom said ...

Gone home. A record of the sudden call of R. C. [By G.]

is in the British Library so ill add that to the list for next time.

Thursday, Mar 5, 2020 : 01:58
samko said ...
any chance EC could be Edward Crowley?
Thursday, Mar 5, 2020 : 07:29
Tom said ...

It's E.Cs tho - I think the 's' was to distinguish it from Crowley who would have been E.C.


Other items by G.W.

Gleams of Light in deepening Darkness
Martyr Tales and Sketches. By G. W. For the Young
Letters from a stranger in Ireland. By G. W. 




Thursday, Mar 5, 2020 : 15:33
Theophilus said ...
Yes, there’s no ‘s’ in Crowley.
One had thought Edward Cross, though early. Might this be?
Thursday, Mar 5, 2020 : 18:02
Theophilus said ...
As to R. M. Cameron, the link with Bible Herald does not surprise. He seems to have been associated or influenced by William Reid in regard to tracts published (Reid, JND, JBS, etc.). Miss E. Reid of Edinburgh told me many years ago that Cameron was a well known educational publisher in Edinburgh. Perhaps coming amongst brethren through W. Reid’s influence. The inclusion of Wallace on list of publications at back of pamphlet may suggest ex-Presbyterian. As most of this is conjecture others may be able to provide concrete information.
Thursday, Mar 5, 2020 : 18:18
Tom said ...
Thanks; yes he was listed as a 'School Board stationer' in the city directory, which also contained his house (ironically he lived on a 'Lonsdale Terrace'), which is where he died in 1885, and from that was easy to find him.
Thursday, Mar 5, 2020 : 19:29

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